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Reiku Conduit / Corrugated Tubing: Materials, Resistance to Chemicals, Protection Modes: IP67 Conduit

The high tech corrugated tubings and cable protection systems from Reiku are made of various materials, to suit applications in many industries. Please see below the materials used and their resistance to chemicals:

Materials for the Reiku corrugated tubing, conduit fittings, and accessories

    PA - polyamide
    PA 6 - Polyamide 6
    PA 12 - Polyamide 12
    PM - polyamide with metal thread
    PU - polyurethane
    PUR - Thermoplastic Polyurethane
    VP - polyamide, multi-components
    VM - polyamide, multi-components with metal thread
    MS - metal
    PE - polyethylene
    TPE - Thermoplastic Polyester

Resistance to Chemicals

    PA6 Conduit & PA12 Conduit:  Resistant to alcohol, grease, mineral oils, diesel oil, petrol
    Polyethylene Conduit: Resistant to alkaline bases
    Thermoplastic Polyester Conduit (TPE): Resistant to acid and alkaline, oils, hydraulic oils
    Thermoplastic Polyurethane Conduit (PUR): Resistant to acid and alkaline, oils, grease, glycerine, glycol

    The Reiku cable tubings are offered in various versions, such as:
    Robot & Vehicle Versions - Traction Conduit, Robot Conduit, etc.
    Soft & Strengthened Versions - Light Weight Conduit, Heavy Duty Conduit, etc.

Modes of Protection (IP67 Conduit)


Protection against contact and penetrating foreign materials


Protection against fluids, water, etc.


no protection


no protection


protection against large foreign materials


protection against dripping water


protection against medium size foreign materials


protection against inclined water drops


protection against small size foreign materials


protection against spray water


protection against foreign grains


protection against splash water


protection against dual deposits,


protection against jet water


protection against dust penetration


protection against flooding




protection against immersion




protection against submersion

For example the IP67 Conduit offers level 6 protection against contact and penetrating foreign materials, and level 7 protection against fluids.


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