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Cable Protection Systems
Reiku / Drossbach High Grade Protection of Electrical Wiring and Cables: Robotics, Conduit, Sheathing, Heat Protection, Braided Jackets

High Graded Protection of Electrical Wiring and Cables - Cable Protection Systems, Robotics, Conduit, Sheathing, Heat Protection, Braided Jackets

Our company offers the full line of robust yet flexible Reiku / Drossbach products for cable protection. Due to a combination of the Reiku electrical conduits with the easy-to-assembly REIKU quick-fit connectors, as well as the stackable and joinable REIKU system-support, a quick and well-protected cable system can be produced.Through the special lock of the REIKU connector, a later adaptation can be easily made.

Please see below the Reiku / Drossbach Products:

    Reiku Cable Protection  System / Electrical Conduit made of Polyamide
    Solid and flexible. Completed with the connectors of REIKU a safe and proper system.

    Reiku Cable Protection Sheathing with Zip Closure
    Due to the zip closure, these system sheathings can be assemblied at any time.

    Reiku GL Heat Protection
    With these materials you avoid damage to your machinery and equipments by radiation heat.

    Reiku Braided Jackets / Mesh Tubing
    Flexible and non-abrasive protection for leads and tubes.
    Very flexible and tearproof.

Reiku Company Profile

Established in 1969 REIKU specializes exclusively in High Tech Cable Protection Products. Numerous Patents and infringement issues are evidence of REIKU'S innovative product development in the cable protection industry. Quality management is based on DIN EN ISO 9001 standards verified by TUV-Rheinland as well as product lines certified to C.S.A. and U.L. requirements.

REIKU offers 12 different diameters of convoluted conduit in two profiles available in 12 different compounds. These conduits combined with over 2,000 fittings and cable management products offer solutions to individual cable protection and management needs. REIKU cable protection systems can be applied in various sectors such as aviation, traction, vehicle-construction, ship-building, machinery, electrical-installations, general industry and especially in the Robotics and Automation Industries.


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